A new lineup of "Obi" is now available.




Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto; President: Ikuko Tatsumura) has released and started selling a new lineup of "obi" products exclusive to its official online store from November 15 (Monday). (Headquarters: Ukyo-ku, Kyoto; President: Ikumi Tatsumura) has released and started to sell a product lineup of obi, which will be available only at its official online store, on November 15 (Monday).
Obi", which Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono Co., Ltd. has been producing since its establishment, is the starting point of the company's manufacturing, which is expressed in the keywords "restoration, originality, and a unique aesthetic sense". Tatsumura Art & Textile has been producing obi since its establishment, and the obi is the starting point of the company's craftsmanship, expressed in the keywords "restoration, originality, and a unique aesthetic sense.

Fukuro Obi Newly released pattern "Cloisonne Leaf Ei Nishiki (White



In order for you to learn more about the origin of each pattern and the story behind it, we have redesigned the product introduction and prepared a visually appealing guide. In addition, we have proposed "Tatsumura Style Coordination," which provides specific reference examples of how to match kimono with the scene in which it is worn. By doing so, we hope to eliminate any doubts or concerns that may arise when customers consider purchasing and using our products through the online store, so that they can feel the coordination more realistically by themselves.

Fukuro Obi: Newly released pattern "Toyokuni Fuki Nishiki (black )" The

obi lineup to be launched this time will all be sold only at the official online store


We will also offer free obi tailoring for your purchase. We are confident that you will find the best beauty and richness in these obis for various occasions.

Sales information for web-only obi
: Sales start: November 15, 2021 (Monday)
Sales outlets: Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono official online store only
*Sales are not available outside the official online store


Sales lineup: A total of nine sack belts, including the two patterns shown in the image above,
available on the sales page here: https://shop.tatsumura.co.jp/collections/tatsumuranoobi

Since its establishment in 1894


Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono

has been

sincerely engaged in textile manufacturing based on the theme of "Restoration and Creation


Heizo Tatsumura, the founder of TATSUMURA ART TEXTILES, pursued the artistic perfection of textiles and devoted himself to the research of restoring ancient textiles, and with the "comprehensive power of weaving" that he acquired by learning and accumulating various knowledge and techniques of textiles, he succeeded in restoring national treasures such as Shosoin-gire and other famous textiles. In addition, we will use our knowledge and skills as a base for our work. Based on this knowledge and technology, he has created many new textiles that are both precise and bold. This concept of "restoration and creation" in textile manufacturing has been handed down to the present day, and we continue to produce unique and original textiles that are unique to Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono, such as lustrous colors, three-dimensional expressions, and unique patterns with condensed aesthetic essence.

Company Name: Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono Co.
Representative Director: Isamu Tatsumura
Head Office Address: Life Plaza Nishioji Shijo 2F, Saiin Tairamachi 25, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 615-0022
Tel: 075-325-5580
Number of Employees: 62
Founded: 1894
Established: 1978 February 23,
1978Capital: 24,000,000
yenBusiness: Manufacture and sale of art textiles, planning, design, manufacture and sale of rugs and hanging scrolls, and Internet sales of kimono
sundriesOfficial website
: https://www.tatsumura.co.jp/公式オンラインショップ: https://shop.tatsumura.co.jp/-->

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