The Christmas Limited Edition "Holy Night" is now on sale.

Traditional textiles and Kyoto-style confectionery come together

for the

second installment of the popular project by "Kyocakeshi Suetomi" and "Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono"

! (Head office: Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan; President: Ikuko Tatsumura) has started to sell a new product "Christmas Limited Holy Night" in collaboration with Suetomi Co. This is a special product proposal by "Kyoto Confectionery Suetomi", a confectionery manufacturer based on the concept of "a world of dreams and fun", and "Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono", a company that has established a new field of "art textiles" and continues to promote its appeal. We hope you will enjoy the collaboration of the long-established Kyoto confectionery and Nishijin textiles.
Christmas limited holy night":

[Suetomi x Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono "Christmas limited holy night"]

New productsChristmas limited holy night":

Suetomi, a long-established confectionary shop in Kyoto, has been making Kyoto-style confectionaries based on tradition, while adding the good points of the times


Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono" continues to create new textiles based on "restoration and creation". By uniting the thoughts of these two companies, we are proud to present the second collaboration project following the highly popular "Halloween Limited Fushigi na Ichiya". We have prepared a special Christmas-only set that includes an assortment of Sue-Tomi's dried sweets and Kyo-Fusen in the shape of lovely Christmas motifs in a special drawstring using the limited edition Christmas pattern of Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono "Tenshou Seikyukumon". It is a fun and playful combination suitable for the holy day.

Sales information for the "Holy Night of Christmas Limited Edition"
Sales period:November 20 (Sat.) - limited quantities available until the
end of the
Price:4,950 yen (tax included


Sales outlets:
・Suefumi:Honten Store, Online Shop, Takashimaya (Kyoto Store, Osaka Store, Nihonbashi Store, Shinjuku Store

, Nagoya Store)

Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono: online store, Kyoto showroom
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[Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono also sells a set with "Christmas Bear"]

Limited-quantity product "Christmas Bear"

Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono official online store sells "

Christmas Limited Holy Night".

In conjunction with the release of the "Christmas Limited Holy Night", the Tatsumura Art Orimono Official Online Shop has prepared a set with the "Christmas Bear", another Christmas limited edition product, at a special price. We recommend this set as a Christmas gift.

Christmas Limited Edition Holy Night" + "Christmas Bear" Special Set
Special price: 14,410 yen
⇒ 12,518 yen (tax included)

Sold only at Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono official online store



will start to sell products using the Christmas limited pattern "Tenshou Seikuu Mon", which is also used in "Christmas Limited Holy Night", at the official online store of Ryumura Bijutsu Orimono and Kyoto Showroom


The snow pattern that decorates the Christmas season is often used as a crystal pattern in Scandinavia, and has also been used in Japan for a long time in various scenes such as snowflake patterns. In Japan, it has also been used in various scenes such as snowflake patterns for a long time. The "Tenshō Seiku Mon", a new auspicious pattern created by combining these patterns, is a very auspicious pattern that includes the meaning of prosperity and fertility. We hope you will find these items to make your days leading up to Christmas more enjoyable and colorful.
Christmas limited edition products: