Official brand site renewal campaign!

This time, in the Tatsumura art fabric, "Official brand siteWas renewed. To commemorate this renewal, we will hold a campaign at the official online shop.

New "Official brand siteIn the meantime, the information to learn more about Tatsumura art fabrics has been laid out in an easy -to -understand manner, making it easy to access various content. especially"WORKS], The results we have worked on so far are introduced again in visuals and commentary.

It has been renewed as a site to deliver more information than ever. Please enjoy it along with shopping at the official online shop.

[Official brand site renewal campaign]
≪ Campaign target period ≫
・ Wednesday, June 1, 2022 -Thursday, June 30, 2022

[Benefits 1] "10 % OFF coupon"Present!
・ 10%OFF coupon code: [C220F9FE9M0M]

* It can be used once per person during the above period.
* This coupon code is onlineAnyone immediatelyYou can use it
* It cannot be used with other coupons when using it. Please understand in advance.
* If you have any questions when using the couponCoupon usage manualPlease see.

[Benefits 2] Special novelty Item gift!
If you shop at the online shop during the above period, you will receive a special novelty item.

* The gift will end as soon as the stock runs out.
* Only one per person.
* You cannot choose the color pattern of the gift target item. Please understand in advance.

Shopping within the period is a very good campaign, so please take this opportunity to enjoy shopping at the online shop.