Coaster (Shishikari-mon Nishiki)


Coaster (Shishikari-mon Nishiki)

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Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono has brought textiles from the craft to the realm of art. We hope you will enjoy the world depicted by the individual silk threads that make up the fabric.

サイズ(cm):W10.0 x H10.0


商品名: Coaster (Shishikari-mon Nishiki)
商品種別: コースター
サイズ(cm): W10.0 x H10.0
関連タグ: コースター 各雑貨アイテム 和小物 敷布 獅子狩文錦
備考: 裁断の都合で表示画像と異なる柄どりになる可能性があります。予めご了承下さい。



A coaster of brocade with popular pattern, will add color to your table.


Shishikari Monnishiki
The National Treasure "Shishikari Monnishiki", also called "Shitenoh Monnishiki", is handed down in Horyuji Temple. It has a symmetrical composition with a flowering tree in the center, which is typical of Sasanian Persian patterns. This piece is a variation of the lion-hunting brocade, but with the exception of the flowering tree, the Persian knight is left alone, and the lion is left alone. (Reproduced without permission)