Pencil Container (Shikami-mon Chohan-kin)

*The pattern may be different from the image shown due to the cutting process

Pencil Container (Shikami-mon Chohan-kin)

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Stationery goods are a part of our daily lives. We want to have elegant and fashionable items because we use them in a short time. At TATSUMURA ART TEXTILE, we have prepared a variety of goods to accompany you in your daily life.

Wrapping : Gift wrapping service available

Size (cm) : W18.0×H2.0×D3.0


Product : Pencil Container (Shikami-mon Chohan-kin)
Type : ペンシルケース
Size (cm) : W18.0×H2.0×D3.0
Tags : Valentine's DayWrapping availablePattern: Shikamimon TyouhankinRecommended for men
Other : The pattern may be different from the image shown due to the cutting process. Please understand this in advance.
Other : Gift wrapping service available



A pencil container of brocade with popular ancient design.


Shikami-mon Chohan-kin(Warp Brocade of Multi-colored Stripes with Lion-mask Pattern)

A front view of a "lion-mask" is patterned on a ground of Chohan (vertical stripes using multi-colors) which was rather primitive for the Nara period Japan (8th century). This design depicts lion lined up horizontally opening the mouth on the vertical stripes colored in red, green , light blue, and purple. While quite stylized, the pattern preserves the ancient Chinese motif of the t'ao t'ieh (ogre mask).