Brocade Piece (30x30cm) (Web Only)  ("Rikyu" Brocade)

The pattern may be different from the image shown due to the cutting process.

Brocade Piece (30x30cm) (Web Only) ("Rikyu" Brocade)

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Tatsumura martial arts textiles are woven with countless colored threads. The weaving techniques introduced from the continent, combined with beautiful patterns from the East and the West, and infused with modern sensibilities, will move your heart and inspire your creativity.

Size (cm) : W 30.0 x H 30.0

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Product Name : Brocade Piece (30x30cm) (Web Only) ("Rikyu" Brocade)
Product type : Brocade Piece
Size (cm) : W 30.0 x H 30.0
Related Tags : WEB onlysmall piece (e.g. of cloth)CrackleMiscellaneous Items
Remark : Please note that the pattern may be different from the picture shown due to the cutting process. Please be forewarned.

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Product Description

A piece of brocade of Tatsumura's design (Time Limited).

Pattern Description

"Rikyu" Brocade

The original cloth which was one of the favorites of Rikyu, a great tea master, is a brocade with plum blossom motifs in yellowish brown which softly melt into a light blue background. This design is a superb one to represent plumblossoms with five dots in yellowish brown and a lineal construction to combine these dots. In view of its wide use today, we introduced a slight change to the texture of the original fabric. For a color scheme we learnt the way of making and sense of the original, and tried to represent plum-blossoms in various background colors and by the shades which harmonize with these colors.