Original chocolate "GALA Chocolat" newly launched!

On January 16 (Tue.), we started selling our original chocolate "GALA Chocolat" designed with our popular patterns. The patterns, which tell various stories of Tatsumura Art Textile  past works, are expressed on the chocolate, making it an exquisite art sweet. We are proud to present a completely new type of chocolates filled with beauty from the land of Kyoto.

GALA Chocolat (8 pieces of chocolate)
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GALA Chocolat" is a playful and auspicious chocolat that combines the company's original "pattern" (the lifeblood of Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono) and "GALA (GALA = festival)". The elegant flavors are spread with glossy designs and various flavors (tastes). The combination of numerous patterns created under an out-of-the-box aesthetic sense based on originality and restoration has resulted in an unprecedented, one-of-a-kind product with a unique glamour and good luck hidden within it.

The meanings of the patterns, such as eternal love, good fortune, and good luck, are expressed in the symbols that become the symbols in the patterns and in eight different flavors. These chocolates express wishes for happiness and feelings of gratitude, and are recommended as Valentine's Day gifts for your loved ones. Please enjoy the colorfully drawn crests and elegant flavors.

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