Collection: Choju Giga Gasho-kin(Brocade of Caricature of the Birds and Beasts)

Design of this brocade is originated from "Choju Jinbutsu Giga (Caricature of the Birds and Beasts Imitating Human Beings)" drawn in the late Heian period (794-1160 A.D.) picturing the small animals humorously personified painted in charcoal ink using a skillful technique of shade and graze. Two frogs in the center are playing an ancient music to pray for bumper crop. They are beating time with the hand and full of gesticulation having a binzarasa musical instrument, one wearing lotus leaf on the head likened to ayaigasa straw hat and having a fan. The audiences are a pretty little lady rabbit on the right having a fan dressed with garment over another with two mice on the bottom, and a lady pheasant group on the left consisted of an old lady fox wearing an outing dress and an old lady monkey with ichimegasa hat accompanying a rabbit and a child fox. The animated lives of the ancient motif are woven into refined silk fabric in our colorways with authentic technique.