Long Wallet (Taiko-mon Nishiki)


Long Wallet (Taiko-mon Nishiki)

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This purse is covered with Tatsumura Saki, a fabric with a soft silk texture that you can enjoy every time you use it. Because you will use it every day for a long time, you will want to choose a product that you are particular about. There are many colors, patterns, and shapes to choose from, so be sure to find a design that suits your taste.

サイズ(cm):W18.0 x H9.0


商品名: Long Wallet (Taiko-mon Nishiki)
商品種別: 財布
サイズ(cm): W18.0 x H9.0
関連タグ: 和小物 帯鈎文錦 札入れ 裂裏札入 財布
備考: 裁断の都合で表示画像と異なる柄どりになる可能性があります。予めご了承下さい。



A long wallet of brocade.


This is a reconstruction of a Han Dynasty sutra brocade fabric excavated from the Xiongnu ruins at Nein Ura on Lake Baikal in Siberia.

The repetition of the watermark pattern in different places is a highly abstracted animal, with a long neck split in two, a spiral head, two small wings and a tail. ......... It is a unique expression, and it is a subject of future research as a pattern. This is one of the pieces that we were able to reweave thanks to the kindness of the Hermitage Museum last year.
(Reproduced without permission)