Rosary Container (L) (Tempyo Toridasuki Mon Brocade)

*The pattern may be different from the image shown due to the cutting process

Rosary Container (L) (Tempyo Toridasuki Mon Brocade)

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Size (cm) : W17.0×H11.0


Product : Rosary Container (L) (Tempyo Toridasuki Mon Brocade)
Type : 数珠入
Size (cm) : W17.0×H11.0
Tags : Wrapping availableJapanese AccessoriesPearl casePattern_Tempyo Bird Wrappings with WrappingsShosoin cleftbird
Other : The pattern may be different from the image shown due to the cutting process. Please understand this in advance.
Other : Gift wrapping service available



A pouch of brocade with ancient design, holded into half to contain.


Tempyō Toridasuki-mon Brocade

"Kasumi-tasuki Mon" is a variation of decorated diaper patterns, the name of which stands on the shape of a cloth band used to hold up tucked Kimono sleeves by forming an X across the back between the shoulders. The pattern is peculiar to "Rōkechi", wax-resist dyeing, and is thought to have been very popular in the Nara Period (8th century), with many surviving specimens in the textiles preserved in the Shōsōin-the imperial storehouse at the Tōdaiji Temple, Nara, housing several thousands precious ornamental and fine art objects made in the 8th century. Our design here, based on the traditional diaper pattern, shows two kinds of birds, fowers and bees being arranged respectively in each section and line of diapers. The brocade is excuted with modern warp-weaving technique in an attempt to express the refined taste and elegance in the Tempyō Era(729-749)