Kyoshiki Furoshiki, Kozanji dragon design

*The pattern may be different from the image shown due to the cutting process

Kyoshiki Furoshiki, Kozanji dragon design

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A little thoughtfulness that can be seen when wrapping and delivering something important will gently connect the feelings between people. Please wrap the giver's heart in a traditional textile and send it to them.

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Product : Kyoshiki Furoshiki, Kozanji dragon design
Type : 風呂敷
Tags : Wrapping availableJapanese AccessoriesOriental ZodiacPattern_Kozanji dragon designDragondragon
Other : The pattern may be different from the image shown due to the cutting process. Please understand this in advance.
Other : Gift wrapping service available



This furoshiki cloth from Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono is perfect for wrapping sweets, sake, and omotoze. It can also be used as a small bag when wearing a kimono. Not only is it functional, taking advantage of the thin and light fabric, but it also has an excellent design with vivid colors, and is popular as a souvenir for overseas customers.

It is made of 100% silk Keikin and has a Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono label on the back.

The 60cm square is large enough to wrap a small weight, a sweet, a bottle of wine, etc.The 90 cm square can be used to wrap a bottle or to make an eco-bag. It can also be used as a tablecloth.

This product is made to order. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for shipping.


Kozan-ji Ryu-mon(Brocade with Dragon Design of Kozan-ji Temple)

The design of this brocade is modeled after a pattern of a cloth covering a chair on which Amoghavajra (705-774 A.D.), a high priest of Esoteric Buddhism, drawn in a painting made in the Nan-sung Dynasty, China (1127-1279 A.D.) having been kept at Kozan-ji temple, Kyoto and designated as an important cultural property. There have been too many designs to count drawn in combination of dragon and cloud together because traditionally it is said that "there is a cloud where a dragon leaps and a dragon lies behind a cloud". Among those, the original design of this brocade, depicting the clouds in hexagonal pattern and a vigorous and graceful dragon design in roundel placed in the center, reminds a superior power of creation of the ancient artists. The dignified design was woven into warp-patterned brocade in our weaving technique.