Notice of the start of sales of the "Traveling Tea Baskets" series

The official online store of Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono has started to sell the new product, "Tea Baskets" series.

Product page for each item in the "Tea Baskets" series
Traveling tea basket "Banzairaku(Kamon Kogei)WEBLimited]

Traveling tea basket "Tamatebako(Kamon Kogei)WEBLimited]

Kirara" tea basket for traveling(Kamon Kogei)WEBLimited]

All setsLimited quantity productsAll sets are limited quantity products.

This product, which will be available for the first time in our online store, is an original tea basket set that combines beautiful tea utensils, tea bowls, etc., in a well-balanced fusion of Japanese tradition and novelty.

It is designed to enjoy matcha tea as a drink in any modern living space, whether outdoors or indoors. We invite you to enjoy the tea room space that each of you desires, in the place of your choice.

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