Product Utilization "Sukiya Bukuro" Edition

Our popular product "Sukiya Bukuro" is a popular product of our company. Although originally a tea ceremony utensil, it has been well received for its convenience and usability that goes beyond that.

■Photo:Sukiya Bukuro, Mo-ru-te Kaki-mon

As you can see, it is a perfect sub-bag for carrying the minimum amount of personal items. For example, when you go to a theater, the seats in the theater are not spacious, so many people leave their large luggage in a coin locker and bring only what they need to their seats, out of concern for those around them. It is smart to put the items you want to keep with you in a sukiya bag in advance and quickly take them out of the bag at the theater. It is also a good idea to place the bag by your feet and place the Sukiya Bukuro containing the earphone guide and opera glasses on your lap during the performance.
Please try these unconventional ways of using the bag.
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You can also see our fabrics on stage at theaters. Please enjoy the beauty of our textiles at the Kabuki-za Theater with our Sukiya Bukuro.
The Fifth Kabuki-za 10th Anniversary Grand Rugs

Title: "Fukikakyoenzu"
Artist:Chinami Nakajima
Donation: ITO EN CO.
Weaving: Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono Co.
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