Product Utilization "Kaishi Paper Container" Edition

Kaishi Paper Container』 has a strong image of being used for tea ceremonies, but we would like to introduce a recommended usage for those who are not learning the tea ceremony.

You can put small items such as the ones in the picture together with kaishi paper. Kaishi Paper Container you can keep your bag neat and tidy.

We recommend "large-sized handkerchiefs". This can be used as a substitute when you do not have a napkin to put on your lap at the place where you go out to eat. This will keep your clothes clean. Also, "good luck charms," which you may not feel comfortable carrying around carelessly, can be placed in a "Kaishi Paper Container" If you carry it in the "Kaishi Paper Container", it will not be lost in your bag.

Kaishi Paper can be used for writing small notes, wrapping money, and other useful purposes. Nowadays, more and more kaigami come in cute designs, and many people carry a different design depending on the season.

Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono's "Kaishi Paper Container" is a product that is ideal for organizing small items and also offers a high quality fashionable look, so you can bring it to any occasion with peace of mind. Please try using it in this way, which is not bound by existing forms.

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