[Summer lucky bag 2024] has started!

In the change to the season when Aoba, who is dazzling, starts to cover the mountain, we will deliver [Summer lucky bag 2024] to everyone who uses the official online shop in the green style of early summer that blows the fresh green. We have prepared a special set with our original brand "Tatsumura", which has been supported by many people for a long time, and a bag and accessories that can be coordinated together. In addition, this [Summer Lucky Bag 2024] has the following special event 『Gion Festival Mae Festival Course with Kyoto Cooking』 We have been invited.

■ [Summer lucky bag 2024] Summer Nagoya Obi Set C

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■『Gion Festival Mae Festival Course with Kyoto Cooking』 about
~ 2 people invited to a special viewing for the previous festival cruise and dining at DAIDOKORO ~
・ Invitation date: Wednesday, July 17 ( * Scheduled to be viewing of the previous festival cruise)

* It will be invited to the audience seats owned by Ryumura art fabrics.
* You will be invited for two people per set of the person who purchased [Summer lucky bag 2024] and one companion.
* Customer burden is to pay round -trip transportation expenses from departure area to viewing location, accommodation expenses, meals other than Kyoto cuisine at the viewing area, and non -commemorative items to be handed over.
* If you have purchased [Summer lucky bag 2024], we will tell you the contents of the viewing again over the phone and confirm it.
* There is no sale for the invitation content only for the Kyoto Cooking Viewing of the Gion Festival Bureau.

Limited quantity of 1 point for each set As it is, please purchase as soon as possible!

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