Started selling new "TATSUMURA×miffy" pattern products!

Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono is pleased to announce that it will begin selling the new "MAN-MARU miffy" and "SANKAKU miffy" patterns from June 21, 2024 (Friday) as part of a collaboration project with Dick Bruna.

This time, the first items from the new pattern will be released, totaling 5 types ("Ko-bukusa Cloth", "Dashi-bukusa Cloth", "Sukiya bag", "Kaishi Paper Container", and "Tea Ceremony Bag(large)"). The lineup is centered on tea ceremony utensils, which are favored by many people. Please take this opportunity to browse our collection of items that can be used not only for tea ceremonies, but also for small interior decorations or when you go out.
※The second series of items is scheduled to go on sale in the fall of 2024.

[Sales outlets] Tatsumura Bijutsu Orimono official online store, showroom (Kyoto)
[Sales date] Regular sales and sequential shipments are scheduled to begin on June 21, 2024 (Fri.).
[Sales items] All patterns and colors are the same (tax-included price)

・"Ko-bukusa Cloth": 4,950 yen
・"Dashi-bukusa Cloth": 9,900 yen
・"Sukiya bag": 14,300 yen
・"Kaishi Paper Container": 7,700 yen
・"Tea Ceremony Bag(large)": 71,500 yen

Click here for a list of "TATSUMURA×miffy" products

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