Collection: Nami Usagi Yuki-wa-mon(Design of Wave, Rabbit and Snow-ring)

The porcelain ware was started to be produced in Japan in the beginning of the 17th century. Before then, they ware imported from the Eastern Asian countries, of which paintings were with the foreign designs. The paintings on the Japan-produced porcelain wares, however, were gradually changed to be applied to the Japanese taste. One of them is "seigaiha" pattern (literally, a pattern of waves in blue ocean).
Here, we have arranged the "seigaiha" pattern and made a happy design of the rabbits appeared and disappeared in the "seigaiha" pattern, praying for permanent fortune to come like a restless movement of the waves in the ocean. The long ears of a rabbit symbolize happiness, and the snowflake-shape hidden in the waves symbolizes bumper crop.
The imaginable design of lovely rabbits and the waves were made into warp-patterned brocade with our outstanding weaving technique.