Collection: Budo Karakusa-mon Nishiki(Brocade with Grapevine Arabesques)

The original of this reproduction is a weft-patterned brocade in twill weave, with a design in yellow on a purple ground. The pattern consists of a flower with four double-petals and points in the center as a main motif, surrounded in an octagonal form with vine arabesques with leaves, grapes and scrolls in a symmetrical arrangement. The curve of the arabesques is exquisite and the composition is well-balanced, though somewhat complicated, showing the high level of the graphical presentation of the time. Undoubtedly, it is the most graceful masterpiece among the large number of fabrics of the similar design preserved in the Shōsōin - the wooden storehouse at Tōdaiji temple, Nara, housing several thousand precious ornamental and fine art objects from the 8th century, many of which were donated by Empress Kōmyō, consert of Emperor Shōmu (701-756).