Dashi-fukusa Cloth (Tea-things) (shikamitaishi)

The pattern may be different from the image shown due to the cutting process.

Dashi-fukusa Cloth (Tea-things) (shikamitaishi)

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Tatsumura Saki products are used by many people who enjoy the tea ceremony. The various beautiful patterns of the textiles add a touch of beauty to tea ceremonies even today. Please enjoy the beauty of the textiles that casually and lustrously decorate the hands of those who handle tea utensils.

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Size (cm) : W27.0 x H28.0

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Product Name : Dashi-fukusa Cloth (Tea-things) (shikamitaishi)
Product type : Dashi-fukusa Cloth
Size (cm) : W27.0 x H28.0
Related Tags : stoatWrapping availablePattern_Lion Shishi TaishiHoryu-ji cleftAutumn Tea CeremonyTea utensilsfukusa
Remark : Please note that the pattern may be different from the picture shown due to the cutting process. Please be forewarned.
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Product Description

An item for tea ceremony, good for interior decoration, too.

Pattern Description

Shikami Taishi(Brocade with Design of Shikami)

In Horyu-ji temple, Nara, Japan, they have been preserving a piece of fabric called "Kantou Nishiki" which is said to have been owned by Prince Shotoku (574-622 AD). Thus, this design has been called as the Taishi Kanto(Prince Stripe). This piece is a warp-patterned KASURI weave (flecked-patterned weave) designed with curved lines which look like the grain of wood. We have woven into warp-patterned brocade with the arranged lines in multi colors showing like a lion opening the mouth, or SHIKAMI (biting lion), leaving the atomosphere of KASURI weave.