Ko-bukusa Cloth (Tea-things) (Shishi-tori Oji)

*The pattern may be different from the image shown due to the cutting process

Ko-bukusa Cloth (Tea-things) (Shishi-tori Oji)

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Tatsumura Saki products are used by many people who enjoy the tea ceremony. The various beautiful patterns of the textiles add a touch of beauty to tea ceremonies even today. Please enjoy the beauty of the textiles that casually and lustrously decorate the hands of those who handle tea utensils.

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Size (cm) : W16.0 x H15.0


Product : Ko-bukusa Cloth (Tea-things) (Shishi-tori Oji)
Type : 古帛紗
Size (cm) : W16.0 x H15.0
Tags : 130th anniversary object-3stoatペルシャWrapping availablePattern_Shishitori-OjiTea utensilsfukusa
Other : The pattern may be different from the image shown due to the cutting process. Please understand this in advance.
Other : Gift wrapping service available



An item for tea ceremony, good for interior decoration, too.


Shishi-tori Ōji(Brocade with Design of Hunting-lion Prince)

This vigorous design of a hero holding a lion in each arm is said to have depicted the legendary Mesopotamian king Gilgamesh who was written in the "Epic of Gilgamesh" recorded in the twelve cuneiform-inscribed clay tablets out of the tens of thousand pieces unearthed from the excavation site of the old Assyrian library. The symmetric pattern drawn in the roundel like this fabric was the typical design of the textiles woven in the Sassanid dynasty, Persia, whereas the design of holding a lion in an arm had been seen in the rel ieves of the palace in the Assyrian era. This design is modeled after an ancient fabric woven in the Middle East approximately in the 10th century AD probably for exporting to the west that we produced into warp-patterned brocade keeping the vigorous atmosphere.