Ko-bukusa Cloth (Tea-things) (Web Only)  (syunseisusuki)

The pattern may be different from the image shown due to the cutting process.

Ko-bukusa Cloth (Tea-things) (Web Only) (syunseisusuki)

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Tatsumura Saki products are used by many people who enjoy the tea ceremony. The various beautiful patterns of the textiles add a touch of beauty to tea ceremonies even today. Please enjoy the beauty of the textiles that casually and lustrously decorate the hands of those who handle tea utensils.

Size (cm) : W16.0 x H15.0

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Product Name : Ko-bukusa Cloth (Tea-things) (Web Only) (syunseisusuki)
Product type : Ko-bukusa Cloth
Size (cm) : W16.0 x H15.0
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Remark : Please note that the pattern may be different from the picture shown due to the cutting process. Please be forewarned.

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Product Description

An item for tea ceremony, good for interior decoration, too.

Pattern Description

Shunsei Susuki Mon Nishiki(Brocade with pampas grass design)

YAMAMOTO Shunsei is a noted craftsman of lacquer as well as a poet in the early Edo Period, around the 17th century. His works are highly regarded by art lovers for their very elegant and refined qualities. Shunsei’s flowing pampas grass is skillfully adopted as the design, making this brocade an excellent piece of textile work.