Pencil Container (Shikami Choju-mon Nishiki)

The pattern may be different from the image shown due to the cutting process.

Pencil Container (Shikami Choju-mon Nishiki)

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Stationery goods are a part of our daily lives. We want to have elegant and fashionable items because we use them in a short time. At TATSUMURA ART TEXTILE, we have prepared a variety of goods to accompany you in your daily life.

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Size (cm) : W18.0×H2.0×D3.0

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Product Name : Pencil Container (Shikami Choju-mon Nishiki)
Product type : Pencil Container
Size (cm) : W18.0×H2.0×D3.0
Related Tags : Wrapping availablePattern: brocade with design of lion biting birds and animalsRecommended for menToyotomi Hideyoshibattle surcoat高台寺
Remark : Please note that the pattern may be different from the picture shown due to the cutting process. Please be forewarned.
Other : Gift wrapping service available

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Product Description

A pencil container of brocade with popular ancient design.

Pattern Description

Shikami Choju-mon Nishiki(Brocade with Biting Lions, Birds, and Miscellaneous Animal Pattern)

The original design is from the coat-of-arms kept at Kodai-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan which is said to have been worn by Hideyoshi Toyotomi (1536-1598 A.D.). The fabric used is a silk tapestry and was made in Persia during the Safavi Dynasty (1502-1736 A.D.). The pattern of the hunting lion is peculiar to the Scythian in Siberia, the outlines enclosing each motif are of the Mohammedan culture in the medieval ages, and the design of the peacock is influenced by the Indian culture. The skilful technique to weave the patterns into the tapestry is considered to have been brought from China, and the Persian braid threads are used in the original. Thus, the original piece is very unique to prove the flow of cultures of the East and the West in the old days. A work of refined art was arranged into our warp-patterned brocade depicting the original atmosphere of exotic mood.