Vase Mat (S) (Yagi Kaki Mon Nishiki)

*The pattern may be different from the image shown due to the cutting process

Vase Mat (S) (Yagi Kaki Mon Nishiki)

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A beautiful woven fabric with delicate yarns will casually decorate your room. The rugs are of a size that can be used easily and elegantly to arrange your daily space.

Wrapping : Gift wrapping service available

Size (cm) : W20.0×H30.0


Product : Vase Mat (S) (Yagi Kaki Mon Nishiki)
Type : テーブルセンター
Size (cm) : W20.0×H30.0
Tags : Wrapping availablegoatPattern_Goat and flower brocadeShosoin cleftvase case
Other : The pattern may be different from the image shown due to the cutting process. Please understand this in advance.
Other : Gift wrapping service available



An item usable for various purposes beside as vase mat.


Yagi Kaki-mon Nishiki(Warp Brocade of Goats and Flowering Plants Design)

The design of this brocade is originated from weft-patterned brocade woven in yellow on a purple ground, handed down in Shosoin Repo sitory, Nara Prefecture. The flowering plants placed in the center, and the goats and the auspicious clouds are shown in a symmetrical manner. A pair of rabbits crouches under a tree, and the mountains and a pair of birds are also depicted in an enantiomorphous form as if they are in move which is peculiar in the design construction of the Nara period, the 8th century Japan. This warp-patterned brocade was woven using our own color-ways and skillful technique adopting the taste and the ingenuity of the masterpiece of the two-colored weft-patterned brocade of the original.